Redskins Starting Quarterbacks 1932 - 1949

The Redskins Football Card Museum is for every Washington Redskins football card collector and fan.

My aim is to present the vintage Redskin football cards and Redskins team sets from 1933 - 1977 that I have had so much fun collecting over the years.

My hope is that this site will capture (or recapture) the imagination of those who remember phrases such as:

“Slingin’ Sammy Baugh”

“The Future is Now”

“I like Billy”

“I like Sonny”

“We want Dallas!”

“Loosen up Sandy baby.”

This site tries to let the images speak for themselves.  Those seeking more information and discussion are welcome to read the site’s blog.

Vintage Redskin Team Sets

1935 - 1972


Oddball Redskins Team


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1972-73 Redskin
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Special Exhibits

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80 Years of Redskins


Before They

Were Redskins

Featured Exhibit Top 80 Redskins Special Exhibits Oddball Team Sets Billy and Sonny Bumper Stickers Redskins Starting Quarterbacks Before They Were Redskins

Welcome fans of Washington Redskins history, Redskins football card collectors, Redskins team set collectors, and all fans!!!

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Redskins in the Hall of Fame

Modern Team Sets

Vintage Redskins Team Sets Modern Redskins Team Sets

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Redskins Coaches

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2016 Redskins

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